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Saturday, March 4

Time Poverty

It's been...let's see, almost 6 months since I started my fellowship, and I am again suffering from time poverty. I knew it was only a matter of time (haha) before it happened. I have only one thing to blame: the GRE. And perhaps the Red Cross, but that's old news.

This is an all-GRE three hour class today, and another tomorrow. Add in church, dinner at Taylar's, and my first disaster call (!) and already I'm sleep deprived. Sleep deprived, but happy. Life is meant to be busy, but not so busy that it is exhausting.

My first DAT call was pretty cool. Luckily there was only one person displaced so it was a good training experience for me. And it makes my Red Cross low of last week (felt like no one was getting anything done) disappear. to catch the S something up to Columbia Heights for a tasty Indian meal.


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