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Are we the dining dead?

Saturday, January 17

Tired Already!

Not much to say but it's been a hard week. Not looking forward to starting school and all the chaos that goes with it. Ahhh!

Teddy is leaving tomorrow :o(

Monday, January 5

Regular Updates Promised

So I was thinking that I should start posting more because it will help me account for my actions when I am looking back on my Winter Break as I return to school on January 20, 2004. I have been doing just a few things but I have been doing them a lot and doing them well; mainly sleeping and seeing movies. So far I have seen Cold Mountain, 21 Grams, Love Actually, and (unfortunately) Lord of the Rings. I have generally been going to bed around 2:00 AM and waking up at 12:00 PM or later. I have made a few returns on Christmas gifts and I have counted our Red Cross gift wrapping donations (at least $2,500!). I have not cleaned my room. I have run out of things to say.

There are so many things I need to do before January 10, when we leave for Disneyland. I have to pack up all my stuff to prepare for going back to school (yuck). I really, really must work on my State Conference workshop. Tomorrow I will talk to Jess about the International Interns and various measles stuff. Hopefully we will get some pictures back from the trip so I can show them on Tuesday and give a few to Anne for the newsletter. I am rambling now so I shall go. A schedule for this week follows below.

January 5: work stuff, lunch at Guad with Ted and Ryan
January 6: presentation to International Services Committee
January 7: Mac Expo with Ted and Ryan
January 8-9: not much
January 10-13: Disneyland!
January 13-16: (stupid) Health Worker training
January 17-18: relaxing
January 19: dentist appointment
January 20-23: school
January 23-25: California State Conference in LA

I am tired. Good night!

P.S. Ryan has a new roommate named Christian. He sounds interesting.