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Are we the dining dead?

Friday, March 11

Who's your Law & Order persona?

I'm Lt. Anita Van Buren!

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Monday, March 7

What happened to February?

Shonte kindly reminded me to update my blog. So I shall. I'm hoping it will be good encouragement for me to continue writing my Public Policy paper.

After reading through my previous posts, I realized that I used to be funny. This made me happy. I've been mostly mildly depressed lately...not really seeing the light-hearted, funny side of things but more the mundane, "I don't want to go to class" side of things.

What really happened in February? To sum it up quickly, a whole lot of travel. I went to the Board of Governors meeting from February 8-12, missing a good deal of school, and then I left again for Disneyland for the last weekend in February. I've been struggling to catch up since then, and it's not much comfort knowing that I need to attend every one of my classes on every single day in order to not have to complete any make up assignments or otherwise be considered delinquent.

On other fronts, I'm graduating on May 21. I'm kind of freaking out. Freaking out in that way where I just try to delude myself into not confronting reality by watching TV or sleeping. Luckily I do have some plans: I'm going to Europe. And I'm very lucky to have friends who are much more on top of things than me and who are planning our European trek.

So I shall return home in August with no job and nowhere to live (other than home). It will be interesting. I suppose it will be the most my life has ever been undecided (and I'm not one of those people who likes leaving things undecided).

Anything coming up that's fun and exciting? Spring Break will be a nice break from school. I don't care even if I don't go anywhere, I'm just sick of the day-in, day-out of classes. I have a paper due tomorrow and a midterm on Thursday. The academic hoop-jumping is getting old. Luckily things are mostly going well with Hall Staff, Red Cross, etc.

Just a little over two months until everything changes...