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Are we the dining dead?

Sunday, November 24


Need I say more? Paper due tomorrow at 2:00 PM (but I have class from 9-10, 10:30-12, and 1-2). Presentation to give Tuesday at 7:00 PM. Friend returning home from college Tuesday night. Thanksgiving in 3 short days! My birthday in 4 loooong days!

Alright, back to researching breast cancer. A lot of this stuff is interesting, but unfortunately not interesting enough for me to sacrifice my sleep. However, I must do it for the good of the team. I mean GPA. Oy.

Friday, November 8

Barry Zito = Tastiness

I tried to do "all of you" a favor by actually posting two of the tastiest pictures of Barry Zito, but it didn't seem to work out. So instead, I encourage you to follow this link; you will be pleasantly surprised. I have even managed to have it so that there is none of that boring text and just 2 wonderful pictures. Congratulations to Barry Zito who is not only strikingly handsome, but also a good baseball player as well. I suppose that's a good thing since it means he gets his picture in the paper more often.

Thursday, November 7

Tuesday, November 5

Yeah, so you know you're talking to someone rich when they tell you about this Indian restaurant in San Francisco and the next day you open up The Chronicle to find that Mr. and Mrs. Famous So-and-So dined there last night:

Meanwhile, Bonnie Raitt was among the 1,500 fans who turned up Friday night at Masonic Auditorium to hear Deepak Chopra discuss his book "The Deeper Wound: Recovering the Soul From Fear and Suffering," and the next day Chopra recovered his soul with dinner at Gaylord's Indian Restaurant.

Rich people make me sad.

Sunday, November 3


I'm in that middle period where one midterm has ended and I have rested up, but I am about to begin another round of sleepless nights and stress. Well, hopefully it won't be that bad. I have an MCB midterm on Wednesday, which I am somewhat prepared for (I made a bare bones study guide last night). But for now, I'd rather be in denial and talk about my weekend.

I think I had a pretty good weekend :o) I was able to volunteer at the Julia Morgan Center with Ryan on Friday night so that we could see a play called "A Lashing of Malice, A Slice of Humor: The Adult Works of Roald Dahl." I think he liked it more than I did, but it was still great to meet new people and see some really talented actors and actresses with disabilities.

The rest of my weekend can be characterized by one word: MANIKINS. Ryan and I spent the better part of Friday and Saturday hauling manikins to and from various locations: from the Red Cross office, to the Red Cross van, to my dorm room, to Wheeler Hall, back to the van, etc. I hate CPR.

However, I have made up for those escapades by spending today relaxing. I woke up at 12 noon, got some brunch, read, organized my academic life, and proceeded to the library. Every time I go, I fall in love with the library all over again. It is beautiful and quiet and full of books.

I am now the proud temporary owner of four biographies or autobiographies of people with disabilities. Hopefully one of them will prove interesting enough to write a paper on by next Tuesday.

So, that's all for now. I am off to watch Sound and Fury, a great documentary on the cochlear implant. Also, at 8:15 PM I will be attending a small soiree at the 3rd floor lounge in order to fill out an evaluation for my RA. Adios :o)