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Wednesday, December 7

Life in DC

I am finally posting again! There is something about writing about your own life that is difficult. It feels...self-important.

Anyway, I am having a good time living in Washington, DC. I oscillate quite a lot between loving it and hating it. I love being so close to the Red Cross and living in a city, I hate being far away from Ryan and my family and friends. There is something about working for national organizations that is feels more important, I suppose. That is why I fear I won't find a job I like in California, but I am banking on the notion that I don't really know all the job opportunities available there.

I should be knitting right now. All day I think "I wish I could go home and just relax and knit," and then I get home and I bide my time on the internet for hours. Work is going well...I like my co-workers and work environment, a major plus. I do interesting things most of the time. Sometimes the days drag and I don't want to work on my projects, but such is life. I wish I could be independently wealthy and a full-time Red Cross volunteer.

I worry that I won't be able to love a non-profit or other organization as much as I love the Red Cross. Does that mean I won't be happy doing anything else? It seems silly since there are so many employment opportunities out there. Especially since there are drawbacks to working for the Red Cross...things don't get done as fast, for example.

A lot of my time is also spent worrying about grad school. I worry that I haven't take the GRE. That I don't know who to go to for letters of recommendation. That I have to write a fabulous statement of purpose. I have over a year to figure it all out, assuming I want to start in fall 07. We'll see.

Tomorrow I am seeing the panda! It is the first day he is being shown to the public. We have a 10 minute slot, from 11:50 AM to 12:00 PM. And hopefully my butterstick shirt will show up soon...