Sandy's Online Journal

Are we the dining dead?

Thursday, December 19


I am writing a post right now because I am lame. I just finished my last final (thank Goddess!) and I have a short break between then and HIV testing (which is all results tonight, anyway). The only thing I have to get accomplished by the end of today is to cut the lock off the Red Cross sign so that the Office of Student Life doesn't do it for me.

I am happy as a clam that my holiday season can finally begin. It's still hectic, but at least it's a different kind of hectic. I am working tonight and then I have to move out by 10 AM tomorrow. Then I have to work at the Wherehouse from 12-5 and then volunteer at gift wrapping from 5-10. Saturday there is nothing, Sunday there is nothing...mmm I like the sound of that.

We still have to get our Christmas tree. It's already December 19 and we don't have it yet. And we OWN a Christmas tree farm. (Sigh). I'm tired and delirious. It's time for nourishment!

Sunday, December 1


I'm in that foggy state where I know I have a lot to do and it has to be done soon, but I'm not quite grasping the overwhelming nature of everything. Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful--it's nice to take time out to breathe and watch TV. My life the rest of the time seems to be dominated by my classes, work, and volunteering. It will be nice to be home for winter break. At this point, I'm not looking forward to going back in January.

The most important thing I'm supposed to be working on tonight is my application to be a Security Coordinator (SC) in the residence halls next year. I really want this position, I just don't feel like working hard on my application. I tried my hand at it earlier today, but felt like I was constantly trying to promote myself. It felt fake. In the past, I have waited until around 2:00 AM to write these types of essays, and I suppose this one is no different. At this point, I don't have anything exciting to say about myself and my abilities to protect a residence hall from evil. I'll do it tomorrow.

So that's where I am now--looking ahead to my week, knowing what it holds, but wanting to run the other way. Ugh.