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Are we the dining dead?

Thursday, March 18

A Whilrwind of Activity

I am slowly making my way toward Spring Break. Hallelujah.

Today was very long. I went to the Heroes Breakfast this morning and got to meet 10-year-old Adriana who is a Girl Scout battling leukemia yet still managing to complete many, many service projects. She is amazing.

I went to the blood drive which was pretty slow in the morning, but we did heavy recruiting and ended up getting 81 units on a goal of 80. Yay! I think it killed Ariel, though. Poor Ariel.

I had fun visiting with Shonte--having lunch and planning Melissa's first birthday surprise. Her second birthday surprise was pretty cool, too. And I was really glad all the Health Workers could make it. Yay for sushi cakes with Happy Birthday candles!

I am running on very little sleep and it has hit me hard. And I miss Ryan. And I miss home, and Paula. And my family. (Sigh) I can't wait to go home tomorrow. I wish I didn't have to go to work, but it will be nice to pick up my paycheck. So many things to do tomorrow...including pack. I need to sort my clothes and figure out what to give away/sell. I am rambling. I am tired. I also need to sign up for yoga. Rambling and tired.

Wednesday, March 17

Oh, thank God...It's Over.

That's right! The midterms are done! I am sleep-deprived and anxious yet also strangely relaxed. I am supposed to be asleep, as usual. I have to be at the Oakland Airport Hilton at 8 AM. Many thanks to Shonte for letting me borrow her car.

So, yeah. Breakfast, blood drive, fun with Shonte. Yay! I should be analyzing my day but I don't really feel capable. Got up late, tried to study, ate breakfast, studied with Karla, went to English class, studied more with Karla, took midterm, visited blood drive, went to Residential Training Seminar, met Shonte, had a "birthday party" for Melissa, ate dinner, visited my new Security Monitor staff at Unit 2, came back home and checked e-mail. Woah.

Most importantly, it is SPRING BREAK! Okay, techincally not yet. But I don't have any terrible over-arching commitments coming up. Goals for Spring Break: go through clothes, give away and/or sell unwanted clothes, buy new clothes. And oh yeah...see movies. Lots of good movies. Let the fun begin!

Monday, March 15

Relaxed, yet Stressed

I have a midterm tomorrow. I have another midterm on Wednesday. Yet I am posting to my web log. Hmm.

I am at a tiredly happy stage where I do not feel much like studying. I never really feel like studying but now is especially bad. Yoga is great, yoga is evil.

My was long and good. Community Psychology was interesting, English was very interesting (Floyd Salas...I must remember to read more of his work), hassling with the Tang Center and Ariel raised my blood pressure, Developmental Psychology was informative, and Health Worker section was fun. My Psych 140 review session was helpful once I moved to the front to hear what they were saying, and I enjoyed talking to Karla/semi-studying afterward.

So here I am. Typing away. Must study. Must repeat things to myself so I learn them. Midterm at 11:00 AM. Midterm #2 at 2:00 PM on Wednesday.

I will quote Floyd Salas by saying that I need to "get in the mood." So perhaps that is my excuse. A little writing, a little Snood. In the mood. He also said something very quote-worthy: "Poetry is like having an orgasm. Something turns you on and you cum on paper." An interesting note to end on...

Sunday, March 14

Sunshine...Good or Evil?

I think the weather is mocking me when it gets so bright that I can't see my computer screen. I must go outside! (Unfortunately, only to go back inside, to a review session). Tolman, here I come!

Thursday, March 11


I am so depressed. I tried finding a picture of rain clouds but none of them seemed dark enough or unhappy enough. They were all too perky. So I decided to go with this instead.

I can't even name what's wrong. The day started out well but got so overwhelming by the end. Work has been frustrating me because there are so many little things that I can't control. I don't feel like I'm as effective or as appreciated as when I started. It is probably because all six recruiter positions are filled and I am not as needed anymore. Yes, they need me for UCB drives, but Linda doesn't need me to do extra stuff right now. Which makes keeping a schedule of 11 hours a week very difficult. I need the money, but I am really pressed for things to do.

And on top of that I have two midterms and a paper looming next week. And I want to see my sister at the same time. I can feel the weekend slipping away to other commitments already...the Security Coordinator training on Saturday and studying and project meetings on Sunday. I need massive amounts of time in order to actually get things done. That way I can be bored for 75% of the time and work the other 25% of the time.

I think I am feeling better now. I have a lot to do but hopefully I can at least tackle a few things effectively. I think I will be getting up early tomorrow as well, perhaps going to the various libraries on campus to get the rest of the articles for our Psych 132AC project. Blah.

Wednesday, March 10

Sandy's To Do List

Where else would I post it?

  • Read Delaney's The Seed and the Soil? - TODAY?
  • Work on Psych 132AC research project - 3/12
  • Apply for ASUC funding for Red Cross club - 3/12
  • Apply for scholarships - 3/15
  • Study for Sociology 129 midterm - 3/16
  • Study for Psych 140 midterm - 3/17
  • Write English 95 paper - 3/17

    ...and I'm sure I'm forgetting things. I'm not stressed now but I will be soon. I must manage my weekend time effectively. I must.
  • Sunday, March 7

    Sailing...Woo hoo!

    I went sailing today! I had an awesome time! I kinda didn't think Shonte wanted to go when I mentioned it to her yesterday but when we had brunch at around 12 she said she wanted to. Yay!

    So we went down to the Berkeley Marina, put our name on a list, and 20 minutes later we were on the water. Our skipper's name was Gary and he taught us a little bit about how the sail works, etc. We got a little wet when we ran into a wave but the beautiful water and city made up for it. I love the Bay Area!

    All in all, it was about a 30 minute ride and then we went and walked down the (very long) pier. And now I am back. I had intended to take a nap but now I am more set on getting my haircut. Ryan is bringing my computer back soon and then I can go back to ignoring this web log. Haha.

    Here's to a great weekend!

    Saturday, March 6

    Free Weekend!

    I am doing...absolutely nothing. Actually, I am about to start on some school work, which is unheard of. It is a beautiful day outside. Technically I should fill it with hiking or a movie or shopping but I am content to do nothing. (It also helps that I don't have a car or a laptop).

    The fact that I am doing nothing also means I don't have much to say. Ryan is at a fantasy baseball draft somewhere in California. Shonte is teaching First Aid. Paula is in Chico. I might go home tonight, I might not. It would be nice to get some money and then go clothes shopping and get a haircut but that might be too much to ask for.

    Well, I shall try to do work. Sorry for the boringness!