Sandy's Online Journal

Are we the dining dead?

Sunday, February 22

In Chico...

The long weekend has come and past. We are now in another weekend that is, sadly, almost over. I am sitting in my sister's dorm room in Chico. She is sleeping in her rommate's bed and Ryan has just taken over her bed. It's like when you're 7 and you sleep over at a friend's house and you end up being the first one awake because you're not totally comfortable sleeping there. At least there's a computer with Internet access!

I really should be reading my textbooks or something but eh. I also wanted to give an update on something very cool that happened on Friday. First of all, I only worked for a few hours, so that will suck for my paycheck. But I went to my professor's office hours and actually had a good, non-uncomfortable time. She really helped me pick a direction for at least how to research what I would like to do with my Psychology degree after I graduate. So far I can't decide between research and counseling because I don't want to do either exclusively, especially if it is only related to mental health. So I am looking into programs that combine both and, to throw a wrench in the works, possibly schools of Non-Profit Management. I think I need to talk to a Career Center counselor about those. It's quite hard to figure out what you want to do with you life.

We're going to be chillin' around Chico today...probably getting some food and shopping or whatnot. Hopefully I can get some work done when I get back...namely, Sangee's recommendation and my reading for 132AC. I also have to prepare for the Board of Governors meeting this week...Oh boy.

Thursday, February 12

Back from DC

Had a great time at the National Youth Council meeting and Measles Initiative Global Partners meeting. Many thanks to Jess and Ariel who let me stay with them for a few days. Somewhat glad to be back in Berkeley...looking forward to the long weekend!