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Are we the dining dead?

Friday, February 24

It doesn't belong to you!

So I remembered what I wanted to blog about. For several years I have noticed that when referring to the work or possessions of their organization they use "I" or "my." For example, "I have a great program that involves thousands of volunteers" or "My board meets four times a year." These people do not represent the work of all their staff and they claim that organizational entities actually belong to them. Ridiculous.

Sunday, February 5

Travel & Meeting Schedule

  • Feb 6-7: Red Cross Board of Governors Meeting in Washington, DC
  • Feb 8-9: Red Cross Metro Managers Meeting in Pasadena, CA
  • Feb 9-13: HOME in Clayton, CA
  • Feb 17-20: Visiting Ted in Charlotte, NC
  • Feb 21-24: NeighborWorks Conference in Altanta, GA
  • March 9-12: National Youth Council Meeting in Washington, DC
  • March 13-18: SPRING BREAK in Miami, FL
  • March 24-April 1: Shonte visits!