Sandy's Online Journal

Are we the dining dead?

Sunday, May 18


Just wanted to check in as I'm studying for finals. This is one of my many breaks. I have been watching Malcolm X on BET and it is so inspirationally addictive.

I have an Ethnic Studies final tomorrow at 8:00 AM which I am not worried about for two reasons: (1) I got a 97 on my midterm and (2) I did a little extra credit assignment worth 3 points toward my final grade! My paper was pretty awesome, I think, so I am hoping that will push me up toward an A. I can say goodbye to the A if I bomb the final, but hopefully everything will go okay.

So then comes the guilt about my other two finals. Why am I studying so much for Ethnic Studies? It isn't a requirement. This is the conversation that is going on in my head. I have not even looked at my Anthro stuff even though my grade is very teetery. Sociology should be a little better, but 2 As and a B on papers is a better guarantee of an A in the class than 2 Bs and and A. Hopefully I can "buckle down" tonight.

In other news, I attended the Save the Day Gala at the Oakland Museum for the Red Cross. It was quite lovely and I had a wonderful time. It was a nice break from the studying I am not doing for finals. I am looking forward to relaxation and, of course, National Convention, in the coming weeks. I am starting to get butterflies...

I'm sure there will be more later.

Monday, May 12


I don't know why, but I'm feeling pretty depressed, so I decided to go back to writing here. Today started off on the wrong foot and hasn't really gotten much better. Plus, I have this weird stomachache. I am hoping I will get better ASAP so that I can start studying for my first final tomorrow evening, but it's hard when everyone is getting on your nerves.

It is really hard for me to articulate my thoughts right now for some reason--I'm just in one of those blah states of mind, I guess. It's pretty sad that the year is ending because I have enjoyed the people I have met. However, I have nothing terribly exciting planned for the summer and I fear that I will be going through the same painful job hunting experience as last year. I want the semester to be over, but I want things to stay the same. Very strange.

I can't believe half of my college life is over. I don't feel particularly wonderful about this past semester. Things have been good, but not great, especially since I had to take the rest of my pre-reqs instead of random classes that looked interesting. Things have been going pretty well at the Red Cross, however; with the exception of the past layoffs and upcoming ones as well.

I feel as though I am going through the motions and life is passing me by. There are little bits of happiness here and there, but mostly work, volunteer work, school work, etc. I need "me time." So, I suppose, that will be one of my goals this summer. I may be jobless and incredibly poor, but I am determined to have a great time.
So, on that note, I look forward to the summer and I feel better for having shared a little something with the "outside world." My posts do not usually consist of such depressing matter, so I apologize, but at least there's a little variety. Now I shall nap and read Black Lightning notes...and mostly nap.