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Are we the dining dead?

Monday, August 30

Freshly Sharpened Pencils

Class is about to start in 5 minutes. Yay happy fun! And then I'm off to run errands galore. Ah, the first day of school.

Rattlesnake Drama

(I intended to put a picture of a rattlesnake here, but I couldn't even stand to look at the returns from the Google images search. Apologies.)

What a day. I feel like every year, no matter what year I am in school, there is something dramatic that happens the day before the first day of school. Today was no exception.

I got less than 5 hours sleep last night after a thrilling clubbing trip to the city with 70+ freshmen. That was joyous, especially the bus ride home when we were packed in like sardines. Even worse than sardines, actually, but I don't have a good comparison.

So, anyway, I woke up at the crack of 7:30 this morning and went home to see my family. My mom and I went out to breakfast, I looked at the ads, I fell asleep watching TV, I did crossword puzzles, I went swimming. It was a great, summery day. And we were driving to the BART station, we stopped at the house to pick up my sweatshirt. As I was opening the door I heard some hissing and then the very distinctive sound of rattling. From a rattlesnake.

I jumped two feet in the air and ran screaming back to the carport. My mom sent me up to the park to get our friends to come kill it while she kept guard. A half hour later I watched my uncle shoot its head off with a rifle. Good times, good times.

As we were watching the rattlesnake's headless body writhe on the ground between us, my mom quipped, "Well, at least you'll have something interesting to tell people you did over summer!" The understatement of the year.

It will make for good conversation fodder, though, especially as a prepare for a week of mindless introductions and quick answers to "Hi! How are you? How was your summer?" FUN!

Wednesday, August 18


I just took two Tylenol PM caplets (free from the San Francisco Pride Parade) and I am staying up to write this so I can see if it has noticeable sleep-enhancing effects.

Today flew by. And I mean flew. Somehow the day goes even faster when you are able to partition it out as you wish. I had 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM to myself and it went by so fast that I don't even know what hit me. I was able to take care of my financial aid situation, ensure that I am graduating in May, plan Welcome Week programs, and make happy signs for my Security Monitors during that time, though. I rule.

I am a little stressed because I have to start turning people away for the Security Monitor position in my area. That will leave me with 15 SMs and I plan to hire an additional 2-3 freshmen. I think that's a good size staff to have, but of course I'm a little shaky on this stuff. I think it's what my gut is telling me to do so I am going to go with it. My gut is usually right, mostly when it comes to food.

On a totally random note, there is a Security Guard who patrols the Unit 2 area who only has one arm. It kind of makes me feel like I'm secretly in a movie.

T minus 12 days until school starts. So close yet so far away. Still need to buy books, etc. and do all the security stuff as well.

As for an update...I am not feeling the sleepy effects of the Tylenol PM quite yet but I do think it's helped my back pain. One out of two ain't bad.

Monday, August 16

Sigh. Another day of hall staff training done. What have I been up to lately? Interviewing SMs. Shopping to outfit the new dorm room. Hanging out with family and Ryan. Bonding with Unit 2 hall staffers.

It's really nice to be in Berkeley without the stress of a million things going on. I forgot how nice it is to wake up and go to a training that I haven't planned. They just tell me where to go and I go. I like it. I'm a sheep.

So I'm going to eat a little dinner and do a little work. Maybe take a little nap. Until next time...

Sunday, August 15

Hiding from the paparazzi (or a really big camera flash on a dark bus)

Tuesday, August 10

Oh, wow. It's been a long time. What have I been up to since July 25th? I took a midterm...that was fun. Then I worked a lot...more fun. Then I got paid, which was truly FUN.

I went to Washington, D.C. this past weekend for our National Youth Council meeting and I had a great time. Strangely enough I am transitioning well into my new responsibilities. Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed but that is nicely complemented by feelings of control and happiness.

The main thing I am working on is the National Youth Institute. I'm not sure I have any updates about that at this point but whatever happens it will be Very Exciting.

I started Hall Staff training yesterday and it already feels like I've been here for weeks. We are doing the 12 hour day thing with little contact with the outside world. Last night at 10 PM I put on half my pajamas, laid down to rest, and woke up at 8:10 this morning. I think that is a pretty good description.

But it is fun. Lots of bonding and getting to know people and reviewing policies and such. I am really looking forward to this year. I forgot how good it feels to start again. There are so many doors that are wide open and I am hoping to really jump on the opportunity to do many things like the September Together We Prepare stuff and security programming.

It's kind of strange having my own room. There is a lot of space, actually. I still have two large drawers empty and I have yet to decorate my walls. Even my bookshelf currently holds a mere 7 books and 4 DVDs.

Alas, my to do list is quite long. I am hoping not to make the same mistake as last night. I resolve to get things done. Summer was fun and now we're back to squeezing every minute out of every day possible and having lots of fun while doing it. I thought I would be upset--and I am, slightly--but all the new people and great activities make it worthwhile.

My last year at Cal...and it's going to be great!