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Are we the dining dead?

Monday, September 19

First Day of...Work?

I'm back! So much has changed...I have graduated from college, I am living in Washington, DC, I have my own apartment, I have been to Europe, I am using a PowerBook. Life is good.

Today was my first day as a John Gardner Fellow at Youth Service America. I attended the National Conference on Citizenship with my mentor. It was overall a great experience--good speakers, good interaction. Some awkward moments. Sometimes I think my mentor doesn't know what to do with me. I took away several good ideas about service (especially the fact that tons of people support youth service in DC, which is awesome) and knowledge of great technology that can be used to hold a town hall style meeting (we had polling remotes and everything).

Tomorrow will be my first day in the office...almost a reason to be nervous again since I will be meeting so many new peple and I will be in a totally new situation, again. Oh well, I'm sure it will be great. Really.