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Are we the dining dead?

Sunday, January 23

Okay, more updates. I'm getting better about this--it's only been a week since I last posted.

Last week was insane because school started. It technically wasn't that busy, it was just that weird feeling of going to class and meetings and all that good stuff again. Luckily, Ruby, the new Red Cross Account Manager, starts handling blood drive accounts this week and I can get that off my hands and focus just on campus blood drives.

For the holiday on Monday I didn't do much--just bummed around and went shopping with Ryan and went back to Berkeley in the evening. On Tuesday I had Public Policy 117AC (race and public policy), which seems to be a pretty good class. No exams, just four papers, and I had the professor last semester and she's pretty nice. So far we're reviewing what we learned in her class last semester so I already feel like I'm ahead. I am debating whether or not I should actually buy the reader...or if I should just make copies of the articles at the library. I don't want to spend my entire existence in the library making copies, so I might just splurge for the $40 reader. Not bad considering I spent less than $200 on books this semester.

Later on Tuesday I had my Psych 148 seminar which seems okay. We are reading the classic authors of developmental psychology (Erikson, Vygotsky, Piaget). Unfortunately I have already flipped through Childhood and Society and it's less than engaging.

On Wednesday I went to a resistance training class that I will hopefully get into, and then attended Psych 117 which seems really interesting (even though the subject of neuropsychology sounds daunting). I then quickly made my way over to OBC to meet Ruby, where we had lunch and I prompty returned to campus to wait at the Financial Aid office, only to have to leave 45 minutes later (without beeing seen by a counselor) to go to class. Public Policy 190 is interesting deals with environmental issues which I know very little about. And there are a lot of grad students in the class which is a little intimidating.

On Wednesday night a had a conference call for the National Youth Council, went to HIV testing (I only tested 2 people...slow night), and then came back to Unit 2 to lead the SM meeting, which went way too long because we now have more Security Monitors and three buildings.

On Thursday morning Kathy and I attended the Alameda County Council meeting and were a bit late, but things worked out perfectly because we gave our report at the end and then left for our 9:30 classes. Thank you to Shonte who made things so much easier by letting us borrow her car. On Thursday afternoon I went to my other Public Policy 190 class on science and technology...pretty interesting and I have a professor I also had last semester and he seems to be much more enthused about this topic.

Friday was when the true insanity happened. I went home to say goodbye to Paula on Thursday night and then took BART to the blood center on Friday morning, only to find that the blood drive staff arrived on campus and were told that the ballroom had not been booked. Oy. To sum it up quickly, they set up in the lounge outside (only after I called my supervisor to tell her to tell the Collections supervisor to tell them to set up, and this was all after they insisted that the person in reservations tell me [and ONLY me, not any staff member who was already there] that it was okay to set up there) and the drive "only" started about an hour late.

It was nice to be able to relax and celebrate Kathy's birthday on Friday night (we watched Wimbledon and played Taboo) and then yesterday I cleaned and ran errands around the unit and went to T.G.I. Friday's for a (there is no one word to describe it) meal with Ryan's friends and now I've just been to breakfast and I'm back home. And I need to edit my resume. Pronto.


Sunday, January 16


Okay, wow. Sorry about that. Something about Winter Break (perhaps not having reliable internet?) causes me to not blog. But I'm back at school avoiding work so blogging shall begin again.

What have I been doing since December 18? I worked for a while, attended the Clayton Valley High School reunion (pretty fun and weird at the same time), had a fabulous Christmas, and then flew to Texas. We visited the San Antonio River Walk, the botanical gardens, Central Market (also known as the "Gucci H.E.B."), the Sam Houston army post and the quadrangle, Austin, Rudy's barbecue (tasty!), and Fredericksburg (not necessary in that order). I also found two wonderful pairs of jeans at a Gap in San Antonio and Paula and I had a silly trip to Wal-Mart while we were trying to find a Target.

What I almost left out is that, thanks to airline miles, WE FLEW FIRST CLASS, an amazing experience. Much better lunch, so much more space, warm mix of nuts and soda BEFORE the plane takes off. On the way back it was even was literally like sitting in a leather recliner watching a big screen TV, yet we were on an airplane. Craziness.

After returning to California I celebrated New Year's with Ted and Jill (Ryan was in Vegas), had a low key weekend, and returned to work for the next week. Last Friday Paula and I went to the snow (somewhere near Arnold) and it was fun! Built a snowman, had a snowball fight, the usual. Crazy snow and rain while we were driving home (so we stopped at a small restaurant on the way for an ice cream cone and a milkshake).

On Saturday, January 8 I moved my stuff back to Berkeley (not such a difficult task, actually) and then got ready for Ariel's wedding. Ryan and I attended the ceremony in Alameda, visited In 'n' Out, and then attended the reception at Hs. Lordships in Berkeley. It was fabulous and I'm so glad we were able to go.

On Sunday I hung out at home, saw Million Dollar Baby, delivered some Red Cross blood drive materials, and returned to Berkeley for our first Hall Staff meeting of 2005. I was thinking it would be all fun and good until I realized how much there was to do. Crazy. That is when I had a stressful few days as we had to juggle training and opening the hall (and the SM booth has no phone or swipe's really not a booth at all). I've also been leading various Welcome Week programs (bowling, crime prevention, trip to San Francisco). All have gone well...yesterday we took 10 or 12 students to SF for the MLK celebration (not easily marked, let me tell you). We finally found it and received a discount card to get into MOMA and various other things for free so we visited Where the Wild Things Are at the Metreon and then the MOMA and then Shonte and I had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (and we bided our time by sampling perfumes while watiting for a table; luckily the restaurant pager works even on the first floor of Macy's, which they tell you it doesn't). And THEN we saw In Good Company, which was pretty good. I agree with the three star rating. It was a crazy full day.

I now have the weekend (or the half of it that's left) to relax before classes start on Tuesday. And I already bought my books! I will probably see a movie today (or perhaps do something more conducive to the beautiful weather), get my nails done tomorrow...few plans, really. Until next time.