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Are we the dining dead?

Saturday, December 18

Oh, it's been a while.

Again, I don't remember most of last week. I Wednesday I believe I worked for a bit, then went to HIV testing. I think that was the day that TNT gave out in the middle of an episode of Law & Order and I was quite saddened.

Wednesday night was the night Ted came home so he, Jacob, Ryan and I watched Saved at his house. It was pretty good. Then I woke up (late) and rushed to the Red Cross council meeting and was a half hour late. I chatted with Jason for a bit and then went to work and then to the blood region holiday party (a very nice event). Then I stayed around Berkeley, expecting to watch Law & Order for a little while, but I fell asleep at 8:30 PM. That ended up working out because on Friday I had an appointment at the Tang Center for 8:00 AM and I was wide awake and refreshed. Being the first appointment of the day, I was seen right away and out of there by 8:40.

I then worked out for over an hour and made my legs all wobbly...then picked up Shonte to rearrange some Red Cross stuff that was in "storage," and then we had lunch and gave blood. And it was only 2 PM! We made ourselves even more productive by returning the manikins to Youth Services in Oakland and then--perhaps we slipped a bit--we started watching Dodgeball, not so productive. But that's okay because we were rescued by Jessie who wanted to run errands and get a Christmas tree so we were off to Clayton (it took us 45 minutes just to get thruogh the Berkeley traffic) and we found a good tree for them by headlights, trimmed it, ate at El Pollo Loco, and went back to Berkeley. And this is all still Friday! So then I got back to Clayton again and, understandably, crashed in front of the TV and woke up about an hour ago.

I am trying to psyche myself up to go Christmas shopping but the willpower is not quite there. I am still in my pajamas, unfortunately. But I will get there, with yesterday as my inspiration. But I fear parking, oh loath-ed parking. Evil fellow shoppers. Oh boy.

Luck luck luck...wish me luck. :o)

And what do I get Paula for Christmas?

Tuesday, December 14

What have I been up to? The boring update.

These are the crucial times when I need to be updating my blog...if I don't I will look back on my expansive winter break and wonder "what did I do that whole time??" It's been a relaxing few days so far since I finished with my last two papers on Thursday. To recap: the IDS exam went okay, the Psych exam went well (hopefully very well, fingers are crossed), the Public Policy paper went okay...though I needed major reassurance toward the end, and the English paper went surprisingly well (in my opinion), although my grade is still pending. So far I know that I have passed IDS, which is good because I was slightly worried. Psych is getting frustrating because they still haven't posted the new surveys online and we won't get our exam grades until Friday, and the rest...I have ceased to care. I am a bit worried about English...of course now I feel the guilt for not working harder. Six classes is way too much...there's always something to fall through the cracks.

So I attended my last Public Policy 190 class on Thursday night (and we worked on the paper...I will be so happy to turn that thing in tonight)...and then relaxed, slept in on Friday (11 hours total, I believe)...and I don't remember the rest. Precisely why I need to post more. Ohh, yeah. I delivered blood drive materials in the afternoon.

On Saturday and Sunday I relaxed at home, did some shopping, attended the chorale concert (so good!), and met with my Public Policy group (mentioned above). On Monday I returned my library books, declared my minor in Public Policy, went to work in the late morning, and then returned to my room where I took a short nap (it totally came out of nowhere) and watched several hours worth of Law & Order. Today I went to the recruiters meeting and then worked on our Public Policy paper (that makes three mentions in just one post!), had some lunch, watched some TV, did some work, etc. It's been a pretty productive evening...mostly because there is nothing good on TV. The commercials are killing me. It is the same ones over and over again (things I did not notice during the year because I had other commitments). JC Penney and Circuit City: I am ready to boycott you based on your repetitive commercials. But they are pretty catchy.

Yes, I know this is boring. But it's more for my benefit than anything...for when I am freaking out in January wondering where my winter break went.

Prognosis for the next few days: good. Ted is coming home tomorrow, Paula is coming home Saturday. I am busy but not too busy. I am slowly making progress through the to do list I made when I was in the heat of finals.

And now I'm off to the Hall Staff meeting, I think. Yay for the end of the semster! :o)

P.S. Please help me figure out what I should do with my life. So far I'm thinking I will work for a year (unless I really like the SF State or Hayward State Pub Admin programs, in which case I may go to school right away).

Sunday, December 5

Possibly a productive Sunday afternoon?

WHERE IS MY BOWL UPDATE?? I am getting a little frustrated--I thought it would be released at 2:00 PM eastern time, like everything else that's important. But so far the Internet is quiet. No news yet.

And I have been awake since 6:30 this morning. I popped out of bed, out of approximately 2 episodes of Law & Order and 8.5 hours of sleep, and thought it might be a good idea to get to work. I will probably crash in several hours, but I must stay awake (or wake back up) to buy my bowl ticket.

So I have three papers and two exams this week. I should put a little update thing in my profile like Paula had.

Yesterday was fun--the Red Cross club went out to lunch and we did our secret snowman exchange. I got four new fish! Unfortunately, they are all dead. There was crazy fish jumped out of the tank so I scooped him up and put him back in, and then played dead in the water, and then miraculously came back to life. Then the same one (by then named "Possum") got caught between a piece of sea glass and the wall of the tank. None of them looked too healthy--they would lie dormant for long periods of time and when I got back from the Den they were all dead. So sad. I think it must be either the (1) water, or (2) the tank. I even let the water sit out for 2 hours like Nicole recommended so it could "dechlorinate." I didn't realize fish were so hard to keep! This makes six dead fish on my record in the last year. Thanks to Paula, Shonte, and Ryan for the moral support. Thanks to Griffiths seventh floor for tolerating my screaming when the fish jumped out of the tank.